Who we are


Lapis Homes is a family-run, real estate development company in Victoria.

Our passion and excitement for development drives us to do things with a high level of honesty and principle. We love what we do and we want to keep doing it for a long time. 

Since taking on our first project, Lapis Homes – led by owner Ryan Jabs – has worked to create new housing the right way. We are committed to developing quality homes that work for the community and that people love living in. 


Designing for Community

Every project starts with finding the right design – and making sure it fits with the surrounding community. 

This means matching up the proposed project with the look and feel of the neighbouring homes, considering both how a development affects local residents, as well as how the site looks and how people living there will move around it.

Our team and designers spend months to make sure we get things right before we build, taking in feedback from municipal planners and from the surrounding community, so that when we're done, we have created something that people love living in and living near. 


We Build Homes we Would Live in

We believe in thoughtfully designed spaces that make our customers' lives easier and better.   

We are proud of our projects, and love to live in the homes we build. This is a principle we carry with us in every part of our design and development process. 

If we wouldn't want to live in it or near it, we won't do it.

Connected Communities

Most people don't want to spend their lives commuting. So we believe in creating homes that are close to where people work and play. 

We develop in neighbourhoods that are well connected to transit, cycling and sidewalks so that people can get to where they want to go easily – leaving the car at home as much as possible.

Affordable Housing

We know Victoria is expensive and housing is difficult to afford for many in our community.

We can't meet everyone's needs, but we want to do what we can. 

A key part of our business model includes a commitment to donate a portion of our profits to affordable housing projects – ideally in the communities where we build. 

Giving Back

From our project at Five Two One Foster, we donated $60,000 to the Anglican Diocese of BC for their project to bring 24 affordable seniors homes to Esquimalt. 

The non-profit is just introducing this project now, so has asked us to wait to share details to allow them to go through the process. We're excited to post more info here once it's ready. 

As Lapis Homes grows, our giving will grow, too.