Welcome to Lapis Homes

What we do

New Homes, Same Communities

We build homes that attract families and people who want to live close to where they work, and who want to play, engage and enjoy the communities where they live. We are doing this by creating housing in core central Victoria communities that reflect the values and fabric of the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Supply not Sprawl

We love where we live, but there's only so much space to go around. We believe in increasing the number of homes in well-established neighbourhoods like Victoria, Esquimalt and Saanich. Neighbourhoods where new owners become part of their community, enjoying the same amenities, services and sense of connection that their neighbours have enjoyed for many years. 

Looking for a Home?

Hopefully, we can help. Lapis Homes is currently working on a 10-home townhouse project and a smaller 6-home townhouse in Esquimalt. When they're done, we think they will make great homes for families, professionals and retirees. Click on our Current Project link to find out more.